Energy Efficiency and Electric Cars!


On Friday last, as part of the beginning of Tech Week in St. Brendans’s N.S., and to celebrate the fact that St. Brendan’s has been awarded a second green flag for Energy, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Aidan Mahony with an electric car!  Here’s what some of the pupils from fifth and sixth classes had to write about what they learned…..

“On the 24th of April, Aidan Mahony, an engineer from Cork County Council, came to our school to educate us about technology and energy saving, due to the fact that the day before it was Earth Energy Saving Day and the week after was Tech Week. He taught us about electric cars and how they are a lot more environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel cars. They take 6 hours to charge and have a  charging hole on the bonnet. The plug can connect to a socket in the house so it costs a lot less to refill than getting oil imported.”

“The car was called the Nissan Leaf. It uses a motor to power it and, instead of using petrol or diesel, it runs on electricity. It is much quieter than a normal car and takes about 5 to 6 hours to charge up to a full battery! There are a number of places spread around Cork where you can charge your car.”

(If you would like to check out some of these stations, they can be found on a map here )

“Aidan showed us all the cars features. It makes very little noise, has very little tax, doesn’t need petrol or diesel but it also has a few little disadvantages. It can only travel at 90km per hour, needs regular charging and the batteries cost a lot of money. These need regular changing and there are 24 of them!”

“Due to the lack of energy capacity, long journeys have to be planned a lot better. There are charge points for electric cars all over Ireland, all within 50km of each other. ”

“Aidan also talked about street lights with us. He brought a few models of the new street lights that will be able to last for 25 years, as the ones we have now only last about 3-4 years. The newer lights cost about €300 – €500 per light. He also told us about L.E.D. lights and how they work. He told us you can find them in most places, such as the T.V.”

“Aidan showed us a lot of other things like traffic lights, LED lights, school lights, street lights, windmills, solar panels, etc. We had a very enjoyable time with him!”

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Sensational School News

This Wednesday, we had a hurling and camogie blitz. The boys team played St Lachteen’s, Dromagh, Rockchapel and Freemount. Although we played our best, unfortunately we lost the games.  The girls team played Lyre, Knocknagree, Kilbrin and Meelin. The girls won one of their matches. Well done girls! This Thursday, we played two football matches in Canovee. The teams went on a bus and they had a great day out. Even though they got many scores and played really well together as a team, they were just beaten by Canovee.

For this year’s Green Schools theme, we are focusing on energy. We are trying very hard to save energy – we are turning off the lights when we leave the room, we shut the doors to keep in the heat, we turn off the whiteboards and the computers when they are not being used and much more! At home, you could save energy by turning off lights and all electronics. Do your best to try and save energy at home!

Today we found out the results of the Sherkin Island Competition. St. Brendan’s had lots of winners! The winners from Junior Infants were Hannah Casey, Lily Cassidy, Aaron Finn and Caraiosa Foley. The winners from Senior Infants were Conor Singleton, Sophie Twomey, Thomas Cassidy, Emily Morris-Murray and David O’ Riordan. They each won a sticker pack and colouring books.

The winners from 1st class were Ian Brophy, Luke Kelleher, Ellen Cronin, Charleen McGroary and Shane O’ Riordan. The 2nd Class winners were Charlie Buckland, Olivia Carter, Rachel Dineen, Mary-Kate Drake  McPartlan, John Healy, Grace Finn and Grace Singleton.

The winners from 3rd class were Tomás Cronin, Cara Brophy, Cathy Byrnes, Emma Lehane and Claire Lyons. The 4th class winners were Jodie O’ Callaghan, Bryan Dunlea, Adam McGroary and Patrick Buckley. They each won a number of interesting books about nature.

Carolyn Buckley and Darragh Kelleher both won the Dr. Michael Kennedy award and the prize is €100 each.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Sherkin Island competition 2014!

Compiled by Louis Hanover 3rd class

Spring Clean

Our annual Clean Up took place on Tuesday May 27th.

A small army of willing workers donned their gloves and spread throughout the school and grounds.  Over the next half-hour weeds were pulled, litter picked, windows polished, sinks scrubbed and skirtings dusted.  A well-deserved picnic lunchbreak followed.

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Our Garden Gets Going

Mrs Lynch took advantage of the sunshine today to share the latest gardening developments with us.


Fergus Lyons had been busy planting onion sets, but the birds were just as busy pulling them up!  So he installed a net over the bed to keep them out.


The second bed has lettuce which hasn’t stood up very well to the recent wet weather…


And some strawberry plants which look a bit bedraggled…


But the radishes are sprouting,


And look what we spotted…


The earthworms are busy at work!


Watch out for more updates over the next few weeks!

Green Schools Update

This year we are continuing to work hard on the Green Schools programme – our new theme is Energy.

We are closely monitoring the use of electricity and oil in the school, and aiming to reduce our consumption of both.

Some of our Actions to conserve energy are

  • closing all doors/ windows to avoid heat escaping
  • switching off any lights/ computers when leaving the room or not in use
  • using posters to remind everyone to save energy
  • using our weekly assembly to promote awareness of energy conservation.
  • pushing the Green Button after using the toilet to reduce water usage

Here are the current student members of our hard-working Green Schools committee


Aideen Cleans Up in Killarney

Aideen Painting the Railings

1st class pupil Aideen Morris Murray’s photo was published in the ‘Examiner’ this week, showing her painting the railings of St. Mary’s Cathedral during the Summer.   Her efforts helped Killarney achieve Best Large Town in the Tidy Towns Awards – she certainly took our Green School message to heart!

Graduation and Green Flag Day

We marked two very special occasions in a joint ceremony on June 20th – Our 6th Class Graduation and the raising of our First Green Flag.