Sports Day Fun For All!

We had a great day of PE fun on Tuesday…

1st to 6th classes had their final swimming day, and qualified for IWS Primary Aquatics Water Safety Certs from Level 2 to Level 5.

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And then we all really enjoyed our afternoon on the pitch having running, egg and spoon, wheelbarrow, three-legged and obstacle races.

Ice-Cream Day for Down Syndrome Ireland


Another very successful Ice-Cream Day was held on Wednesday June 24th.  Thanks to the support of pupils, Parents’ Association, families and the wider community we raised €455 for this great cause.

“Let’s Go” on School Tour!

Our School Tour 2015

By Third and Fourth Class

Our School Tour this year took us to Let’s Go at Mallow Sports Complex.

We all had to get up super early to be on the bus for 8:20am on Monday 15th June. We didn’t even mind the early start. Luckily the day was dry and the forecast was good. We brought a large lunch with lots of drinks and treats to keep our energy levels up. As is necessary for a day out during the Irish summer, some of us brought raingear and others sunscreen.

Thankfully the raingear was not needed!

We got to Mallow at around 9:00am and we got organised into our groups and met our group leaders. We got to put away our bags and get busy with some activities.

During the day we got to do Go-Karting, Zorbing, dancing in the Disco Dome, Climbing ladders, obstacle courses,  climbing Air Mountain,  playing Uni-Hoc and Human Fus-Ball and sliding on the Super Slide .

The two most popular activities as voted for by Third and Fourth Class are:

Air Mountain and Zorbing.

Air Mountain

Air Mountain is like a bouncy castle where you dress up in helmets and jump on the centre of the castle. If one person jumps on the mountain, the others are thrown off. The aim is to try and get to the top of the air mountain. It is very hard to stay standing up. It was great fun being thrown off the mountain and flying through the air.



The zorbing ball is a large translucent rubber ball. You crawl head first into the ball. Inside there are straps to go around your securely strap you in. You have to hold onto two handles and make a star shape. There is another person strapped in opposite.  The ball rolls down the hill with both people inside. There was lots of screams and laughter on the way down.

We really enjoyed all the other activities too. There are too many to describe in detail here. It was a day that we really enjoyed and that will always remember.

Here are some pictures of 1st & 2nd Class in action on the tour:

Céilí Fun at St.Brendan’s N.S.

Today at St. Brendan’s, the whole school came together to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Seachtain na Gaeilge by taking part in a céilí! The children danced the Siege of Ennis, the Walls of Limerick, Shoe the Donkey and much more. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning the dances and it was certainly good exercise! : )

Here are a few photos taken of the children participating in this year’s Céilí….

IMG_3535 IMG_3539 IMG_3542 IMG_3547 IMG_3553 IMG_3557 IMG_3560 IMG_3562 IMG_3566 IMG_3567 IMG_3570 IMG_3579 IMG_3581 IMG_3582 IMG_3583 IMG_3594 IMG_3598 IMG_3601 IMG_3605 IMG_3618 IMG_3622 IMG_3624 IMG_3626 IMG_3629 IMG_3630

Success at the Sponsored Walk & 5K Run

The Parents Association of St. Brendan’s N.S., Rathcoole recently organised a sponsored walk and 5k run in aid of the school. This was held on Sunday 8th March 2015 and was a tremendous success! Many people participated in both the walk and the 5K run and a good day was had by all. We would like to thank our ever active and much appreciated Parents Association for all of their hard work in the lead up to the event.

Here are a few snaps taken on the day. If you were one of the many in attendance, you might just find yourself featured!

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10 years as a Health Promoting School

This year St. Brendan’s N.S. Rathcoole celebrates 10 years as a Health Promoting School.

Over the last decade, the pupils, parents, staff and Board of Management have been working together to improve the nutrition, physical and mental health of the whole school community.

At a recent event to mark the anniversary, the consistent ‘positive vibe’ at St. Brendan’s was praised by HSE representative Ber Browne.


Seven pupils spoke on behalf of the Health Promotion Committee:

Lily mentioned their Sugary Drink investigation, Seán spoke about the Healthy Food policy, Ellen described the school’s Friendship Focus and Grace recalled the Fun Food Fridays where they make lots of healthy recipes in the school kitchen – most recently Pumpkin Soup from their own garden.

Tomás and Adam told all about the PE programme, which this year included Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Camogie, Dance, Football, Hurling, Playground Games and Swimming.


Ryan outlined the school’s long-standing commitment to the environment – mentioning the Green Schools Team, along with the garden, playing fields and flower boxes.

Other team members Jenny and Heather were busy representing the school at a GAA blitz, and Louis was praised for his excellent blog reports which share the news from St. Brendan’s with the world!


HPS Co-ordinator Maureen O’Brien thanked the Parents’ Association for supporting the school’s music, swimming and athletics programmes; planting and maintaining the school garden; organising an annual sponsored walk; purchasing sports equipment; providing Badminton coaching on wet winter lunchtimes, and working ‘behind the scenes’ to provide healthy food at school events.

She also praised the Pupils (especially the HPS team members) who have been very involved in the process  – making and baking, taking class lunchbox surveys and giving a very successful ‘How Much Sugar in Your Drink?’ presentation.

Ber Browne acknowledged the contribution of Principal Susan O’Connor and the whole staff in incorporating health promotion throughout the school.  She congratulated the school on their wonderful achievement, and said the HPS message would continue to benefit pupils long into their adult lives.

All at St. Brendan’s N.S. Rathcoole are delighted to celebrate a decade of Health Promotion, and look forward to many happy, healthy years ahead!

Fruity Friday

May 30th was Welcome Day at St. Brendan’s N.S. and the Health Promoting School committee made healthy treats for everyone.


Apple and Raspberry muffins came first…

…followed by two smoothies – Apple & Raspberry and Banana & Strawberry.

Thanks to Leah and Heather for taking lots of photographs, and all the members of the committee for grating, juicing and baking our Fun Food Friday Feast!

Monday’s Marvellous Muffins

Our Fun Food Friday was delayed slightly, so we had a Marvellous Monday instead.

We had some spare bananas from our Food Dudes and decided to make Muffins.  So the Junior HPS team members got busy…



(we thought the Mixed Spice smelled like Christmas)











mixing (we added blueberries to half the mix),




and baking.


Ms Downey and Ms O’Keeffe put them in the oven just before lunch, and soon the delicious smell was spreading through the school.

We made 4 dozen mini-muffins and everybody loved them. Thanks to the HPS team for the delicious, healthy treats!

WP_20140519_053WP_20140519_051WP_20140519_054WP_20140519_047If you’d like to try them at home, here’s our recipe:


Preheat oven to 180 C/ Gas 4

Dry Ingredients:

250g Plain Flour

2 tsp baking Powder

1 tsp Mixed Spice

100g Brown Sugar

Wet Ingredients:

100ml Sunflower Oil

2 eggs

1 tsp Vanilla Essence

2 tbsp milk

4 mashed bananas


1. Sieve flour, baking powder and spice together, add sugar.

2.  In a second bowl mix oil, eggs, vanilla and bananas.

3.  Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients, and stir lightly together.  (Lumpy batter makes lighter muffins)

4.  Fill paper cases and bake for 15 – 20 min


Add a handful of nuts/ blueberries/ raisins at stage 3, or replace bananas with equal amount of grated apple.



Cuairteoir Speisialta

Tháinig cuairteoir an-speisialta i rith na seachtaine, agus bhí na páistí agus na múinteoirí go léir ar bís le h-áthas é a fheiscint!


P.S.  We are happy to report that Donnchadh is definitely a ‘Food Dude’ – his lunch included a carrot and parsnip purée, followed by some stewed apple!

Penne Pasta Primavera (or How to use up leftover veg!)

Since we are on the ‘tasting’ phase of the Food Dudes, we knew that there would be some leftover tomatoes and carrot sticks in school this week.  So the members of the HPS committee decided to make a healthy pasta sauce for this ‘Fun Food Friday’.

We made 95 ‘taster’ portions, and had NO leftovers!  We’ve added the recipe at the end if you’d like to try this at home…


Vegetables: Onion, Courgette, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes

Passata (or Tinned Tomatoes)

Basil, Mixed Herbs



Pasta Shapes (We used Penne and Fusilli)