Fifth Class

5th Class September 2018

  • Readers, novels and other texts are supplied through our Book Rental Scheme
  • Books/Items marked with # will be used again when in 6th class

Gaeilge:               Seo Leat 5 (CJ Fallon)

Foclóir (Folens) #

All other texts supplied through book rental)

English:                Revised Spellings and Tables (Folens) #

Treasury E (Folens)

                              Any English Dictionary #

(All other texts supplied through book rental)

Maths:                  Work it Out 5 (

                             (All other texts supplied through book rental)

SESE/ SPHE:       Atlas Hunt (Folens)

Weaving Well Being Empowering Beliefs Activity Book ( )                                       Available from Wordsworth

Religion:             My Confirmation (CJ Fallon)

All other texts supplied by book rental)

Music:                 ‘D’ Tin Whistle – #

(Music Book on book rental)

80 pocket Display folder for Music sheets

Penmanship:     Ready to Write G Joined Script (Edco)

B4 Handwriting copy

Other:                 Gum Shields (for school use only – to be left in school)

Black Slippers (For school use only – to be left in school)


Helmet (recommended)

Stationery:        (To be marked with child’s name)                     

  • 5 x HB writing pencils
  • 1 packet colouring pencils
  • 2 x blue, 2 x red Biro
  • 30 cm ruler
  • Sharpener and eraser
  • 2 x Pritt Stick
  • No Tippex Pen (Dry Mouse Only)
  • 10 x 120 page lined copies
  • 4 x squared Maths copies
  • 4 x hard cover A4
  • 2 x hard cover A5 (copy sized)
  • 1 x CJ Fallon Homework Journal
  • 5 x coloured A4 Plastic Document Wallets #
  • Mathematical Instrument Set (Preferably Helix Green Cover as they have the best protractors) #
  • Memory Stick (Minimum 1GB)#
  • Gum shields (A gum shield that can be left in school for the year for school use only)

Book Rental scheme /Photocopying & Art: €40.00 payable in September

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