1st and 2nd Class

We wrote a poem today – 18.1.18

SNOW by 1st & 2nd Class


It snowed last night

So I can have a snowball fight

I jump out of bed

And land on my sled


Snow is cool

When there’s no school

It freezes my toes

Every time it snows



I have so much fun

Playing with everyone

We cannot play ball

Because we would fall


Snow makes me so glad

When it thaws I’ll be sad


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Sneachta 26.1.17

Scríobhamar scéalta faoi Sneachta inniu – seo íad:








Prayer Before Confession:

O My God, Help me to remember the times when I didn’t live as Jesus asked me to.  Help me to be sorry and to try again, Amen.

Act of Sorrow:

O My God, I thank you for loving me.  I am sorry for all my sins, For not loving others and not loving you.  Help me to live like Jesus and not sin again, Amen.

Prayer After Forgiveness:

O My God, Thank you for forgiving me.  Help me to love others.  Help me live like Jesus asked me to, Amen

Is Maith Liom Is Maith Liom An Spéir Ghorm

Gléasta Suas ar Oíche Shamhna Oíche Shamhna

Sa Choill Dhubh Dhorcha Sa Choill Dhubh Dhorcha

I Mo Chónaí  I Mo Chónaí

Mo Theach Mo Theach

Mé Féin leathanach 4 MéFéin l4

Seáinín Bocht 1 Seáinín 1

Seáinín Bocht 2 Seáinín 2

Seáinín Bocht 3 Seáinín 3

Seáinín Bocht 4 Seáinín 4


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