Green Schools’ News

by Mary Lynch Deputy Principal & Green Schools’ Co-ordinator

May 2014


Spring Clean 2014 was a great sucess.  Our photo galley is contained in this post.

March 2014

This year we are continuing to work hard on the Green Schools programme – our new theme is Energy.

We are closely monitoring the use of electricity and oil in the school, and aiming to reduce our consumption of both.

Some of our Actions to conserve energy are

  • closing all doors/ windows to avoid heat escaping
  • switching off any lights/ computers when leaving the room or not in use
  • using posters to remind everyone to save energy
  • using our weekly assembly to promote awareness of energy conservation.
  • pushing the Green Button after using the toilet to reduce water usage

Here are the current student members of our hard-working Green Schools committee



June 2013

On Thursday June 20th we were thrilled and proud to hoist our first Green Flag for our work on the theme of “Litter and Waste”. A big Thank You to all who helped achieve this flag – Our Green Schools Committee, The Staff of our school past and present, The Board of Management, Our Parents Association, our parents, and especially our hard working and interested pupils. We reduced the litter and waste produced in school by recycling and composting as much waste as possible and we had our motto

“Put the Litter in the Bin, That is the way to Win”.

In St. Brendan’s N.S. we have always been aware of Environmental Issues. We have a marvelous tradition of recycling and our school gardens have produced a wide variety of fruit and vegetables – long may this work and interest continue.

Thanks also to Neil O’Leary (Pupil) and Áine Collins TD, (Past Pupil and Parent) who honoured us by hoisting our first Green Flag and to the Aroma Café who presented us with a delicious cake to celebrate the occasion.

Autumn 2012

We have been working very hard again this term on our Green Schools’ theme of “Litter and Waste”

In each class we are doing our best to use our recycle bin and compost bin.  The amount of waste we are producing is now greatly reduced.  The compost bins in each class are a wonderful success and we are all aware of our lunch wrappings and the waste and litter they may produce.

We conduct litter checks in the yard daily and it is great to report that we regularly have LITTER FREE days.  We also conduct monthly litter surveys in our school yard and have seen a steady decline in the amount of litter collected.  In January 2012 we collected 56 pieces of litter and in October 2012 we collected 21 pieces of litter.   Again great progress!

Our mobile phone and clothes collection continues.  Next collection date is Monday 26th November 2012.  Last year we raised over €550 for our school in these collections  Go raibh maith agaibh.

A big THANK YOU to all parents who have helped recently to tidy the school gardens back and front  – and with the planting of our Autumn window boxes.  This planting will continue in the Spring and we welcome any parents with an interest in gardening to help out.

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