Leaving Mass 2018


Communion 2018

Here is the practice music for our new Psalm “The Lord, He Is My Shepherd”  (transposed to the Key of D for performance).

And an Instrumental “Come Let Us Gather”

Communion 2017

We have a new hymn “Come Let Us Gather Before Him”

Come Let Us Gather

Here are the practice files for O’Carolan’s ‘Sí Bheag Sí Mhór’, .  (When performing, we will play each part of melody on its own the first time, adding the harmony for the repeat.)

si bheag si mhor accompaniment

si bheag si mhor duet (whistle/flute)

si bheag si mhor fiddles


Confirmation 2017

Today and From Now On Today and from now on

Psalm 104: Send Forth Your Spirit O Lord (Send Forth transposed for D instruments)

Gospel Acclamation: Glory To You O Word Of God (Practice file Glory To You O Word OF God Flute Solo)

I believe in God The Father

Come Holy Spirit, Spirit Come

Holy Spirit Come To Us (Taize video)  

Song of Confirmation  Song of Confirmation

Miss Frances Power (Practice file all hamonies separately FrancesPower All Parts)

Blessed be God   Blessed be God

Dona Nobis Pacem  (we sing “Lamb of God” to the same melody)

UbiCaritasFrancesPower All PartsBless The Lord My Soul

Spirit Filled Day  Spirit-filled day


Confirmation 2015

Today and From Now On Today and from now on

Lourdes Gloria Lourdes Gloria

I believe in God The Father

Song of Confirmation  Song of confirmation

Miss Frances Power

Blessed be God   Blessed be God

Dona Nobis Pacem

Come Holy Spirit, Spirit Come



Do This in Memory of Jesus  Do This in Memory of Jesus

Spirit Filled Day  Spirit-filled day

Panis Angelicus Backing Track franck_panis_angelicus

September 2014

Infants have been joining 1st & 2nd class for singalongs this month.

Here are some of our backing tracks:

Zipadee Do Dah/ Head Shoulders Knees and Toes  Zipadee-do-dahHeadShoulders

And here we are singing the Hokey Pokey Hokey Pokey

May 2014

Sing a Song to the Lord’s Holy Name   Sing A Song To The Lord’s Holy Name

March 2014

Tóg Amach Mé le Coláiste Lurgan

An Gréasaí Bróg ó Anam an Amhrá

Britches Full of Stitches (polka) played by Jackie Daly & Seamus Greagh

January 2014

Infants, 1st & 2nd are having fun learning La Bamba

December 2013

Here’s a link to some of our Christmas Pageant Performance

O Holy Night

November 2013

Herod Of Judea

Herod Backing track

Following a Star Backing Track

Little Drummer Boy

O Come All Ye Faithful

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

O Holy Night

Angels We Have Heard

Silent Night

September 2013

Dilín Ó Deamhas

What I Am by Will.I.Am and Sesame Street

John Kanacka (Sea Shanty)

Communion Hymns 2013

The Summons Summons

Blessed be God   Blessed be God

Happy in the Presence Happy in the Presence

Go Now In Peace Go Now In Peace





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